Journaling for Mental Health: A Fresh Start for 2024

I’ve tried journaling several times over the course of the past five or so years, and it’s never once stuck with me. My hand would hurt, or I would have some excuse not to sit down with myself because thinking about my trauma felt worse at the time than working through it. I constantly made excuses to myself, and never forgave myself for quitting. But, there were times when I used to write in journals daily, and when I did, my mind felt more clear than ever before. I used to write in an online j

Digital Detox: Unplugging for Mental Wellness

If you asked me what my morning routine was, I’d have one generic one in mind. Get up, do a short workout, brush my teeth, grab a healthy breakfast, and then rush off to class. My actual one, on the other hand, is much less healthy. I roll out of bed after killing an hour mindlessly scrolling through all of my socials, force myself to do at least half of a workout, brush my teeth, skip breakfast, and if I’m feeling like it, I go off to class. I like to think I’m healthy, or at least, I try to be

Understanding Culturally Competent Care: A guide for optimal Therapy

As a South Asian, something that I deeply cared about when looking for my therapist was having someone to talk to who understood my cultural background and struggles. The trauma I went through was deeply ingrained with my cultural experiences, so having a therapist who was culturally aware and provided culturally competent care. When starting your therapy journey, it’s important to recognize your needs, and whether it be gender, or CCC, integrate them into your therapy goals to ensure that you’r

The Impact of Winter Blues: Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

With winter comes more dangerous weather, cold temperatures, and shorter, darker days. Living in Michigan for college, it took me a while to get used to the chilly weather, and even more time for my mental health to get anywhere decent. Still, every time winter comes around, the looming sense of darkness and hopelessness comes right back. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs at a specific time of the year, usually during the fall and winter months when daylight h

Reflecting on the Year: A Therapeutic Year-in-Review

It’s almost 2024, and with that, we find ourselves making space to reflect upon the behemoth of 2023. This year has held so much weight for all of us. Whether it be a personal reflection, a professional reflection, or even a company reflection, taking the time to dissect this past year and understand what went right and wrong can help us plan a growth-oriented future. Self-reflection can also provide various therapeutic benefits. First off, self-reflection can provide increased self awareness an


Growing up in a South Asian family, I didn’t understand boundaries at all. I was not one person, but rather a part of a collective who I lived with and for. Serving others in my family was our priority, never ourselves. This notion of self care being selfish became a norm. So, setting boundaries was seldom a thought that crossed my mind.

Setting personal boundaries is important in creating happy and healthy relationships. As the University of California at Berkeley defines them, “Personal bound

Mindful Gift Giving: Thoughtful & Meaningful Presents

Gift giving can be stressful, but we’re ready to break down how you can gift thoughtfully and meaningfully to your friends and family. Mindful gift giving isn’t about being fancy; it’s about gifting presents that are intentful and have a personal connection to the recipient. The I-didn’t-know-what-to-get-you dilemma is ready to be replaced with a gift that can be appreciated and enjoyed. Practically speaking, mindful gift giving is a win-win for both sides. Seeing the person you gave the gift to

Navigating holiday stress: Tips for a mindful season

It’s December, and you know what that means! I’ve already started playing the holiday tunes, and my roommates and I are getting our decorations ready for the holiday season. Excitement is one of the most common emotions associated with the holiday season, as it is a cheerful time to spend with family and friends, giving gifts, eating holiday food, and all of the other wonderful things the holiday times bring. However, stress is also very common during the holidays. From the pressure to meet fami

Decolonization & Mental Health

With last week’s Thanksgiving festivities, one thing that’s been on all of our mind’s is the celebration of this holiday and whether or not it is ethical. I grew up drawing turkey hands in elementary school, not ever really learning about what Thanksgiving was really all about. While it’s a period for gratitude, family, and reflection, it’s crucial to acknowledge the less joyful aspects of history, particularly the impact of colonization. The presence of the turkey on the table extends beyond gr

The Meaning of diwali

As a South Asian, celebrating Diwali was a very important part of our family culture and traditions. I was used to lighting diyas, praying, going to the temple, and then lighting sparklers in our backyard at night. My mother would prepare all of my favorite prasad, and draw beautiful rangoli. We would also wash our hair and get dressed up in fancy South Asian dresses. It was a time to celebrate and welcome in the new.

There are many interpretations of what Diwali is. It’s special to me because


Advocacy is hard. And, hard is a huge understatement. I’ve worked as a social justice advocate for years now, and the toll that working in the social justice space takes on you is indescribable. Constantly surrounded by terrifying news, working for hours late into the night trying to figure out logistics of rallies, writing speeches, and so much more. The life of an activist is complicated, uncertain, yet fulfilling. What is an advocate and what is an activist? Advocates speak out on issues, whi


Attachment theory and attachment styles, in essence, is a psychological framework that explores how our early experiences with our parents or guardians shape our emotional bonds and connections throughout life. It’s like a roadmap to understanding why we act the way we do in relationships. I’ve personally found that grasping attachment theory can be difficult, but so crucial in understanding my relationships and friendships and why I interact the way I do. With my anxious attachment style, I jok


As a self-identifying workaholic, burnout is a term I am far too familiar with. I’ve worked myself to the bone before, taking on four different jobs while being a full-time student and being a Research Assistant in a social psychology lab. My schedule has had practically no white space in the past. I’ve been so tired that I can’t even keep my eyes open during class. Burnout is a very real experience that many people deal with in and out of the workplace. Though burnout has affected my physical,

The 10 best startup incubators and accelerators to help your new business grow fast

Y Combinator is an international startup incubator that has funded 2,000 companies since 2005, with an average total outlay of more than $250,000 per year. The incubator hosts their program twice a year, and has an acceptance rate of 1.5%. It lasts three months, and founders, venture capitalists, and executives from successful companies, such as Salman Khan from education nonprofit Khan Academy, give talks, and connect businesses with Y Combinator partners and alumni. Y Combinator carries on its

Therapy and Stress Management as a College Student

No seating available. Silence is the only thing you can hear at every corner of the building. The occasional sobs come from the library stacks. This is what finals season looks like, and what my personal hell looks like.

Exams have never been my strong suit. When it comes to final exams, at least, I’m not the only one freaking out. All of us college students freak out together. The pressure and stress of taking an exam is enough already, with the added pressure of doing well, it becomes unbeara

Notion is the underrated productivity app that may change your work life

Before using Notion, I used Trello, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Drive, Evernote, and countless other applications to keep my life on track. They were all terrific applications, but switching between them just for changes in features quickly became a chore – staying productive became a chore.

It took me at least a year before I settled on the best productivity app. I even switched to paper agendas and bullet journaling, but my lack of art skills killed that dream. I needed something cen

Actor-Writer Aseem Tiwari on the Mental Health Revolution in India

Actor-Writer Aseem Tiwari on the Mental Health Revolution in India

Though mental health has seen brief spotlights in the media in India, the true gems of mental health advocacy lie within the indie film industry. The industry has done a brilliant job of bringing mental health into the spotlight–notably, writer Aseem Tiwari has worked tirelessly to reduce the stigma around mental health in India.

“My work in the realm of mental health is primarily writing about the issue, hence, creating awaren

Coping with Birth Trauma: Support and Resources

The experience of birth trauma can significantly influence the parent-child relationship and the overall well-being of the family. It may interfere with bonding and attachment, making it challenging for parents to connect with their newborn and provide the necessary care and support. Additionally, the emotional toll of birth trauma can affect the parents’ ability to function in their daily lives, impacting their relationships, work performance, and overall mental health.

Birth trauma can manife

Queering Bollywood: South Asian LGBTQ+ Mental Health

I grew up watching White & straight dominated media, living in a sheltered Indian community in the Midwest. I didn’t know what the LGBTQ+ community was until late middle school, when I started discovering more about myself, too. The lack of representation of people like me in the media led me to having an extended lack of accurate knowledge about my culture, and, to me, more importantly, a lack of belonging in the community and larger society that I grew up in, impacting my mental health greatly

7 Tips for Online Dating in 2022

Dating in 2022 online can be incredibly frustrating, to say the least. Ghosting, people using the apps for the wrong reasons, stalkers, hackers, and more, frequently cloud social media applications, making it difficult to find the right match. The pandemic left many daters in the market with trauma and now, in a post-COVID world, all that’s left to do is heal emotionally, physically, mentally, and romantically. No big deal, right?

To make things flow just a little bit smoother for you, we compi

Top 10 Indo-Asian Foods You've Got To Try —

Indo-Asian foods are diverse with a variety of different ingredients and spices used to create unique tastes in each region. Indian foods are known for their spicy tastes, while East Asian foods include a variety of different meats and tangy sauces. Whether it’s Indian or Chinese, Indo-Asian foods always provide a variety of different tastes that satisfy everyone. *In no particular order*

Samosas usually have a potato-curry filling and are wrapped into triangle shaped dough. The outside is cris

8 Gen-Z groups fighting for a sustainable future —

Because sustainability is the future of business, Voyagers is working to use the voices of the youth to amplify businesses that are making efforts in the area of sustainability. Not only does Voyagers consult with businesses, but the group also hosts events and campaigns promoting awareness about the climate crisis. They also work in forming a positive Gen-Z community through Slack who work together to fight for sustainability. “Voyagers is a youth-led platform and community that I recently co-f

Exploring Intergenerational Trauma in BIPOC Mental Health Month

July is BIPOC Mental Health Month! This month is important to reflect on the history of our BIPOC Communities and discuss how mental health has transformed, and what still needs to be done. One important concept to consider is intergenerational trauma. Intergenerational trauma is a concept that acknowledges how traumatic experiences from past generations can continue to impact individuals in the present. This phenomenon is particularly relevant to BIPOC communities, as historical events and syst

Academy Ambassadors Celebrate at Winter Social

The Academy Ambassadors held their winter social on Dec. 11 with fun and festive games as well as music and great food. The party began at 4:30 p.m. and ended at 6:00 p.m. in the atrium.

“The party was really great because all of the ambassadors came together as a community,” Anika Srivastava ‘21 said. “We’re all just having fun together and socializing and it provides a great feeling of family to everyone. In general, I had a lot of fun.”

Food was provided for all attendees along one wall of
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